Vernon, British Columbia, is a city located in the Okanagan region of the province. Home to more than 40,000 residents, Vernon's population (along with most other cities in BC's interior) has boomed in recent years given the newfound population of the tech industry in the region. Beyond just tech jobs, however, Vernon is an ideal place for any number of different industries. If you're considering a job change or looking to become an Okanagan transplant, consider any one of these popular industries in the Vernon area:


Given the Okanagan's status as a popular vacation destination, it is no wonder that there is a surplus of retail jobs (both permanent and seasonal) that proliferate in the area. For anyone looking to get into the retail industry, there is plenty of work to be found in Vernon—according to British Columbia's government website, retail jobs account for over 17% of local industry, in line with what can be observed in nearby Okanagan cities like Kelowna and Penticton. These jobs especially boom in the summer, so that is a good time for people to pick up extra work or get their foot in the door if they are new to the area.

 Accommodation and Food Services

Unsurprisingly given the notes above on the Okanagan's popularity as a vacation spot, tourism-oriented jobs like accommodation and food services account for a large portion of the local economy as well. Sitting at 9.2%, hotels and restaurants are some of the largest providers of jobs for Vernonites. Compared to the boom in available retail jobs that occurs in the summer months, accommodation and food service industry jobs are popular and readily available year-round given Vernon's proximity to several major ski resorts.

Construction and Real Estate

One of the benefits of being a very desirable place to live means that Vernon has no shortage of construction jobs. With the constant influx of people moving to the region either for new jobs, recreation, or retirement, construction jobs are always in high demand. In fact, those in construction and other trades like utilities account for just under 9% of Vernon's employment rate—this includes contractors, freelance trades people, and companies like custom home builders. While real estate is a smaller piece of the pie in comparison, it does account for 2% of jobs, so in all, the land the builders are developing provides a whopping overall 10% of local jobs. While people move to the interior at all times throughout the course of a year, the most common time for construction jobs to boom is in the early spring as the ground thaws. This is when the local developers are beginning new phases of projects, and when contractors and custom builders are working to get started on their clients' pre-approved home plans.

 This is just a beginner's overview of the most popular jobs and industries in Vernon. If you're looking to make a move, you can be sure there is a job for you, if you are patient and look hard enough! The Okanagan is a wonderful place to live, and hopefully this was able to give you a brief overview of that it's like working in Vernon.