What You Need to Know About Trailer Suspension Safety

One regular maintenance item on your trailer that's often forgotten is attention to suspension components. There are many moving parts and therefore wearing parts that form the trailer's suspension. A typical conventional tandem axle trailer contains hangers, leaf springs, shackle straps, shackle bolts, equalizers, u-bolts, and axle plates to name a few.

The leaf springs and equalizers usually contain nylon bushings that extend the life of the suspension components. These bushings, shackle straps, and bolts will eventually wear out, and will need to be replaced. This procedure should be regarded as normal operational maintenance. Periodic inspection of these components can avert problems such as premature tire wear. Extreme wear of these components can cause the trailer to wander behind the towing vehicle resulting in serious instability.

There are a variety of new suspension components that can also update your original suspension, and that will give you extended operation as well as enhanced ride.

Schedule an appointment for an inspection with our service department to ensure your trailer running gear is 100% and will provide you with the safest holiday travel for you and your family.

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