Pre-Delivery Inspection

All new units at Mike Rosman RV Sales go through an extensive Pre-Delivery Inspection. This provides our customers with the assurance of a safe and trouble free vacation. Our government certified technicians will take you on an informative walk-through of your unit to make sure that you understand your operating systems.

We first begin our inspection while we repack each wheel bearing and replace the seals.

This assures trouble free traveling without wheel bearings seizing and causing extensive damage to the under carriage.

All bushings and springs are checked for proper alignment and torque. We make any necessary adjustments to ensure you don’t have a problem while you are on vacation.

At this time the brakes are set up for the proper brake travel. A tire pressures are checked and adjusted.

A complete water test is done to ensure there are no water leaks throughout the system and all taps and faucets are checked.

The windows are checked along with all window coverings. All cupboard doors and drawers are checked for proper alignment as well as all interior doors. The exterior door is checked for proper alignment and the door hatch and lock are inspected.

An LP gas test is conducted and a leak test is performed

Each appliance is checked for proper operation and adjusted as required.

All lights are checked both interior and exterior to ensure proper operation.

The slide or slides are checked for proper operation and adjusted for proper fit.

Call Mike Rosman RV for all your service needs - you will be in good hands.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

  • Purge and fill propane bottles
  • Check condition of the exterior
  • Check all seals
  • Check shore power cord
  • Check stab jacks
  • Check slide out operation
  • Check under carriage
  • Check exterior lights and outlets
  • Check roof seals
  • Check operation of A/C
  • Check operation of furnace
  • Check operation of hot water heater
  • Check operation of range and stove
  • Check operation of microwave
  • Check operation of converter
  • Check operation of LP detector and smoke alarm
  • Check operation of TV, DVD and stereo
  • Check window coverings
  • Complete gas test and certify
  • Complete flood test of all plumbing
  • Check all interior panels and moldings and cabinetry
  • Inspect carpet and lino
  • Check all 110V plugs and GFI’s
  • Check bearings, brakes, bushings and seals and repack if needed
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check awning